An Interview with Dominika Maria Seal


An Interview with Dominika Maria Seal


Bookstore growing up and a gathering place for people.


This Interview covers the personal life experiences of Dominika Seal with books and bookstores when she was growing up in New York. She talks about a particular bookstore that she visited almost everyday after school as a place where people gathered, a place where you met new people of different diversities from all over the world, and a place with books of different languages and cultures. She mentions her interest of airplanes and aviation beginning in bookstores as well as traveling from one bookstore to another when she was little with her mother who was a journalist. Dominika feels that bookstores are fading away because of the internet and other fast and easy resources that we have now a day. She hopes that small bookstores that still exist today are able to stick around and be handed down to family generations.


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Maria Rivera-Hernandez


Dominika Maria Seal

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“An Interview with Dominika Maria Seal,” The Bookshop: An Oral History Archive, accessed April 15, 2024,

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