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A newspaper clipping detailing the unanimous city council vote to pay for part of the renovation on the Lucy F. Simms School and additional plans for the building.

A short biography of Lucy F. Simms, summarizing her birth, education, career, death, and legacy.

A program detailing the commencement ceremonies for the Lucy F. Simms School class of 1965.

The cover of a program for Class Night, a production put on by the class of 1965.

A photograph of a former classmate of Howard Curry. The student's name is unknown.

A 2003 newspaper article from the Daily News Record detailing funding for the Lucy F. Simms School.

A photograph of Maria Arlena Francis, a former classmate of Howard Curry; a gift from Marie to a friend upon his graduation. Marie's parents ran the barber and beauty shop in Harrisonburg.

A photo of Alice Beale (junior) being crowned May Queen by Principal H. Leslie Giles as Doris Jean Bundy and Viola Williams look on.

A newspaper article detailing the life and accomplishments of Mary Frances Fairfax, who taught at the Lucy F. Simms School for more than 40 years.
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