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This list of policies and regulations, provided by the Dean of Women, applies to the conduct of the students at the State Teacher College at Harrisonburg.

Name tag of Danny Cruce SGA President

This bill wishes to change to the name of JMU buildings named after Civil War Soldiers -Jackson and Ashby hall.

This bill seeks to reinstate the sale of curly fries at PC Dukes.
Letter signed from Dorothy Garber, a faculty member and later Dean of Women, encouraging alumni to return for commencement exercises. Describes, with small drawn illustrations, activities that the girls did during their time at the school including…
This scrapbook was compiled during Elizabeth Arrena Carroll’s enrollment in professional courses at the State Normal School for Women from 1921 to 1925. Elizabeth included images of the dorms during her time, paper pennants for the school, a…
This sign replaced and renamed the road that was once Cantrell Avenue in downtown Harrisonburg. Passing on August 13, 2013, the City Council voted to rename the street. The renaming of the street, an action pushed forward with much local support and…

Vertical Timeline 1.pdf
Informational timeline of the school's on-campus dormitories.

Vertical Timeline 2 PDF.pdf
Informational timeline of the school's on-campus dormitories.
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