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1979 cover of JMU News on semester abroad and Henry IV

JMU 1986 Course Catalog

A Chance to Live Poster1 Edited.pdf
A Chance to Live Exhibit Poster

Flip Book; black and white letterpress halftone; photoanimation of moving lips.
Alice Virginia Alice Virginia “Ginnie” Kellam attended the State Normal School for Women in Harrisonburg, Virginia between the years of 1923 and 1925. Contained within her scrapbook are cards and letters from friends and family, newspaper clippings,…

As You Like It_002.png
Page from the State Normal School for Women's 1916 yearbook, SchoolMa'am.
Early photograph of Ashby and Jackson Halls, “Dormitory No. 2,” and “Dormitory No. 1,” respectively. Ashby remains a dormitory today, and was built in response to growing enrollment numbers.
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