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An unknown student studying on campus at Carrier Library. With Dr. Ronald E. Carrier’s induction in 1971, the school adopted his mentality that higher education was of utmost importance for improving the social standings of students--particularly…

This ballot provides the responder with the options to mark whether they would participate in a student protest, what form the protest would take, or state not willing to participate in student protest.

This list of regulations developed by the Student Committee on Bicycle Regulations discusses the procedures and rules female students need to follow to appropriately ride a bike.

This bill wishes to change the JMU mascot to a Pig with three eyes and antlers.
An entry from the 1975 issue of Madison College's yearbook portrays the new student organization, the Black Student Alliance. Formed in 1972, the BSA sought to “articulate the problems of black students,” at the college, “promote interaction and…
Student Johnette Henderson, an organizer of the “Hands Across JMU” event, and President Carrier admiring a poster. The poster was the first in the series of four which aimed to increase awareness of racial and ethnic concerns.
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