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Duz #2, devoted to deconstructing the Cinderella myth, came in the form of a shoe box. Inside was a single gold shoe carefully wrapped in tissue paper, a map with part of Cinderella's story printed on the back, and a tiny wire-bound book with…
Alice Virginia Alice Virginia “Ginnie” Kellam attended the State Normal School for Women in Harrisonburg, Virginia between the years of 1923 and 1925. Contained within her scrapbook are cards and letters from friends and family, newspaper…

This pamphlet provides information on the Education About Communism Through Refugees Program. This program developed by the All American Conference to Combat Communism provides colleges and universities with the opportunity to bring refugees from…

This bill stresses the importance of the Duke Dog mascot and what it symbolizes for the school.

Tunnel book with small pamphlet book attached and red four flap; thin board covered in red paper; cover of pamphlet book is made with a thick textured brown paper/cardstock?; translucent white paper; green binding thread; hand colored photocopy…

This bill seeks to improve the conditions of Newman Lake, saving the lake from erosion through protective shrubberies.

These minutes show a discussion of male students entering the dormitories of female students only after receiving permission to do so or during open houses.

Blue corregated board, recycled paper endsheets, interactive. Created in Portland, Or. Number 8/100.

This bill encourages students to tie yellow ribbons around the trees on campus in support of the soldiers in the middle east.

This bill states that it is the responsibility of students over the age of 18 to notify parents of alcohol violations, not the responsibility of the University.
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