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In this interview, Professor Stickney expressed her opinions on bookstores and talked about how a specific bookstore played an important role in her life. She also mentioned that it's sad to see that many bookstores are going out of business because…

Robert Woodward reflects on the fate of bookstores in relation to people's modern habits and attitudes in a small college town.

In this interview Don Hurd, owner of Imagine Books & Records located in San Antonio, Texas speaks about his experience as an owner of the book store. He not only talks about how unique his book shop is but also the impact young people have been on…

Erin's Book Interview.m4a
College student Erin Winans talks about the role commercial bookstores like Barnes and Noble played in her life growing up in New Jersey. She also discusses how the rising technology has affected the book industry and what it means to her as a…

Buck Interview.mp3
Buck talked about the impact of his bookstore on his life starting with his early childhood until today. He focused on specific events at the bookstore that helped him shape who he is today. He talked about certain things such as books vs. movies…

Austin's Interview.mp3
In this interview we learn about Austin Vassallo's love of bookstores and how this has shaped his life. He talks about how it has affected his family, academic and social life. Austin enjoys reading and likes the escape that bookstores can offer him.…

oral history interview.mp3
Alicia talks about her experiences in used bookstores and Borders growing up as a child and how her love for reading began. She discusses her opinion of the growing technology generation and its affect on reading. She also shares her experiences at…

interview with Logan Fike.mp3
In the interview Logan Fike Talks about his time working at the Tidewater Community College Virginia Beach Campus bookstore. He tells us of his experience and what his job entailed as well as the kinds of people he interacted with.

Oral Interview.mp3
I interviewed one of my friends from home who comes from a family that absolutely loves every aspect of bookstores. She had childhood memories with two specific bookstores that she wanted to share with us in this interview. Jabberwocky and Borders…

Blessings Bookstore.mp3
Mrs. Colbertson shares her story of being a bookstore owner and centering everything with her faith in God. The interview was an experience to remember as I could see her passion with books and faith in Jesus Christ.

In the interview, my grandfather reminisced on the times he spent in the Penn State Bookstore. He gave me an inside on what types of genres he enjoyed reading then and now. Finally, he talked about how books and bookstores are changing due to…

Bookstore Interviews take
I interviewed a JMU Professor, Cindy Klevickis, and a JMU student, Gracie Carter, to compare and constrast their views on bookstores based on a book review project as well as how it has changed throughout history.

Barbara Reynolds Interview.mp3
Barbara Reynolds discussed her experiences of working at the Books A Million in Old Town. We talked about the positives and negatives of working there and what she thought the future of bookstores would be with the popularity of e-books.

History 225 Interview.mp3
In this interview, Mr. Cody Zedaker gave a brief summary of his own personal experiences with bookstores throughout his lifetime. Mr. Zedaker also talks, in this interview, about why the bookstore industry is slowly declining and what bookstores can…

New Recording 2.mp3
Mr. Saine describes why he always wanted to open a book shop and what drove him to eventually start Blue Plate Books. He elaborates on the development of his independent shop as well as the development of independent bookshops in general and how they…

An Interview with Vicotria Trumbo.mp3
In this interview Victoria Trumbo discusses her experience and opinions about bookstores and the changes over the years. *Victoria's opinions do not reflect the opinions of Barnes and Noble*

In this interview, Bob Schartz, manager and sole employee of Downtown Books in Harrisonburg, VA, discusses his life growing up, how he got started working in bookstores, how his bookstore differs from others, and some daily struggles he faces on the…

This is a short interview in which Kristen, a regular customer at Barnes and Noble, talks about how book stores have been a part of her life, her experiences in them, and what has become of book stores. She talks about how technology has caused…

This is an interview with John Faircloth, a JMU student who occasionally visits the Barnes and Noble in Harrisonburg, VA. Mr. Faircloth is an English major and spends much of his time in the book store, for recreational reading , access to the…

HIST 225.m4a
In this interview, Bob Barritt discusses brief history of his families book store, what he sees for it's future and how they are important to the community of Virginia Beach.

Oral History Interview.mp3
In this interview Ed tells us about what he appreciated most about bookstores in Princeton, New Jersey. He focuses on the style of Borders that drew him there. He appreciated the open style of Borders and he also liked that they frequently had…

Oral History Interview Audio.mp3
In the interview Holly Bain talks about her experiences with one Books-A-Million bookstore in Williamsburg, Virginia. Holly also explains her thoughts on how bookstores are diminishing and the internet's role in doing so.

This interview is an account from a 3rd grade teacher in the Shenandoah Valley who has enjoyed bookstores in the area her entire life.

Oral History Interview.m4a
In this interview, Michael Hickman talks about the Barnes and Nobel located here in Harrisonburg. He talks about how the community had to save the bookstore and how it has been an aspect to this community for many years. He also speaks about how…

Hist Vic.mp3
Bookstores play a very important role in the lives of many people. This interview discusses the rich value bookstores contain and how their value is being diminished with the rapid closure of various bookstores. Although the advancement of…

Bookstore Interview.mp3
Dr. Aley gives a brief interview of her experiences with bookstores. She focuses specifically on three, small family owned bookstores in Branson, Missouri, that she visited quite often during her college years. She also discusses why bookstores are…

Ryan Suchecki Library oral history .mp3
In this Interview we discussed the purpose and meaning this particular had to her and to the community. As well as the impact of technology has had on the market. Also mentioned are some unique experiences she has had with this bookstore.

Sofia Interview.mp3
In this interview, Sofia Ashooh describes The Lantern, a used & rare bookshop located in Washington D.C. She also describes her encounters with bookstores in other countries, her love of reading, and her hopes for the future of print literature.

oral history interview.mp3
A short interview about the bookstore and reading experience.
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