Rockingham County SNP Records: Court Proceedings

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Rockingham County SNP Records: Court Proceedings


The first series of the SNP Records collection consists of 4,756 documents related to The State Commission on Conservation and Development of the State of Virginia v. Cassandra Lawson Atkins and others, and Fifty-Two Thousand Five Hundred and Sixty-One (52,561) Acres of Land, more or less in Rockingham County, Virginia, court case initiated by the state of Virginia in order to acquire 52,561 acres of privately held land located within the northern Blue Ridge Mountains.  The Virginia government in collaboration with the federal government, used condemnation, a process that involves the seizure of an individual's private property for public use, without the owner’s consent, but with payment of compensation, and more formally known as “eminent domain,” to create the Shenandoah National Park. The documents within the collection almost entirely refer to land located within Rockingham County, but other counties within the park’s scope followed a similar process to acquire the land. The documents are broken up into three categories: Deed Books, Miscellaneous Documents, and Condemnation Cases. This collection contains the Condemnation Cases.

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In the 1970s and 1980s many of the individuals displaced by the park creation were interviewed in hopes of preserving their stories. To listen to those records visit,


Rockingham County Circuit Court


Rockingham County Circuit Courthouse





Collection Items

Alexander, John A.
Location: Blue Ridge Mountain; Madison Run; Mile Run; Big Run

Alleghaney Ore & Iron Co
Location: S. Naked Creek

Armstrong, J.C.
Location: On top of the Blue Ridge and in both Rockingham and Green County

Bailey, W. H. (R .L. & G. A Bailey)
Location: Lewis Run (U.S. Positions 179-180)

Bank of Elkton
Location: Not Specified

Baugher, A. J.
Location: Sandy Bottom

Baugher, Annie L.
Location: Positions 83 and 84

Baugher, Elsie B.
Location: Swift Run Gap

Baugher, George W.
Location: Powell's Gap

Baugher, Gideon W.
Location: Sandy Bottom

Baugher, J. Fox
Location: Beldor

Baugher, J. W. (Joseph)
Location: Swift Run

Baugher, M. A. K.
Location: Swift Run

Baugher, M. S.
Location: Sandy Bottom

Baugher, Scott (G. Scott)
Location: Elk Run

Baugher, W. D.
Location: Swift Run

Baugher, W. E.
Location: Not Specified

Baugher, Wesley H.
Location: Old Spotswood Trail; Swift Run

Beasley, J. M.
Location: Blue Ridge Mountain

Begoon, Annie R.
Location: Simmons' Gap
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