Rappahannock County SNP Records: Muniments of Title

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Rappahannock County SNP Records: Muniments of Title


The second series in the Rappahannock County SNP Records collection consists of one file related to the court proceedings from The State Commission on Conservation and Development of the State of Virginia v. Clifton Aylor and others, and Thirty-Seven Thousand Four Hundred (37,400) Acres of Land, more or less, in Rappahannock County, Virginia. This was a court case initiated by the state of Virginia in order to acquire privately held land located within the boundary of Rappahannock County in the northern Blue Ridge Mountains. Within the boundaries of eight counties, the state of Virginia, in collaboration with the Federal government, used eminent domain condemnation, a process that involves the seizure of an individual's private property for public use, without the owner’s consent, but with payment of compensation to create the Shenandoah National Park. The documents in this collection are the muniments of title for the condemned lands, as found in the Deed Books of Rappahannock County.


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