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Collection includes five letters, dated 1856 May 17 to 1858 October 7, from publishers Joseph Funk and Sons, of Mountain Valley, Va., to their book agent, James Curry of Nickell's Mill, Monroe County, Va. The letters discuss supply and demand, cost,…

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Letter from Joseph Funk to James Curry written on February 23rd, 1836. Funk is writing if Curry recieved music books and that the music books are the best of the kind.

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Letter from Joseph Funk and Sons to James Curry written on September 11, 1857. The letter concerns Curry selling the fourth edition of music, and how it is a valuable book for those who don't have much time to read.

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The Joseph Funk & Sons Correspondence predates the American Civil War and includes two letters from a Mennonite hymnbook publisher in Rockingham County, Virginia, to a client in Lewisburg, Virginia [now West Virginia]. The letter discusses book…

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