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Land Records Inventory

Series I:

Series I of the Rockingham County Land records consists of land indentures for the years 1778-1850. These were legally binding documents between two separate parties acknowledging the transfer of a tract or parcel of land, after an agreed sum of money had been paid. Essentially, land indentures served as an early form of a deed. 

Series II:

The second series contains various petitions regarding the condemnation, exchange, sell, and annexation of land. These are typically petitions created by the trustees of a religious institution or secular corporation. Years range from 1914-1941.

Series III

The Circuit Court also houses several maps. They are housed in the third series of the Land Records group. 

Series IV

Land Tax Books constitute the fourth series in this unit. These books date back to 1787 and continue to the present day. In Land Tax Books, one can find information on the location, value, use of, and owner of tracts of land in Rockingham County. 

Series V: 

The Rockingham County Entry Book contains information of land surveyed for the incorporation into the county once established. The Entry Book was part of a process in obtaining a land grant from the State of Virginia. Once a warrant had been obtained, an entry was then filed with the Clerk of court, which detailed the specific acreage to be surveyed. The land was then assessed and recorded in an Entry Book, such as this. The survey was then sent to the Virginia State Land Office.