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Board of School Commissioners records Inventory

Series I:

This series comprises reports made by the Board of School Commissioners to the Literary Fund of Virginia. In these reports, commissioners detailed the number of schools in session during the year, as well as the number of children who attended. They also listed information on annual tuition and various other costs of running said schools.

Series II:

Treasurer's Accounts serve as receipts for the year's spending in the running of common schools. Information on schoolmasters for each district in Rockingham County can be found here, as well as the average cost of daily attendance, supplies, and employment of the educators.

Series III:

The third series, Abstract of School Masters, lists much of the same information as the preceding two series, however, Abstracts also detail the number of poor children for each district who attended these schools, the overall attendance of all children in each district, and the titles of the books used for instruction.

Series IV

The final series in this collection, School Bonds, constitutes bonds entered into by the Commissioners with the President and Directors of the Literary Fund to ensure proper oversight of the schools.