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Voter and Election Records Inventory

Series I:

This first consists of voter registration books, which date from 1870-1952. These were broken into three divisions. There is a separate volume for white males registred to vote between 1870 and 1952, white females registered to vote from 1920-1952 and a volume for both male and female (one they were granted the right to vote) African Americans registered to vote from 1870-1952. These forms contained information such as the date of the registration, the person's name, date of birth, age, occupation, residence, naturalization status and precinct transfer (if applicable).

Series II:

The second series, List of Voters Registered, are loose records indicating individuals registered to vote in specific precincts. These are separate from the bound volumes, as the formats differ, but it is not clear how they were used differently.

Series III:

Registration of Oaths is the third series. They are naturally divided into two subseries Male Registrations (1919-1944) and Female Registrations (1920-1944). These were to be filed by the Registrar along with the Books of Registration. The oath established the individual's right to register under the Constitution and laws of the state.

Series IV:

Series four contains voter transfer applications made to the Registrar by the individual wishing to transfer precincts. There is no information provided as to the reason for the request.

Series V:

Registration Laws is a series comprised of documentation relating to the Voter Registration Code of 1958.

Series VI:

Certificates of Registration make up the sixth series of this record group. These were certificates used to certify a previously registered voter could transfer to a newly established voting precinct. The information listed includes the name, race, date of birth, age and occupation of the individual, as well as their former voting precinct. 

Series VII:

The Abstract of Votes series is divided into subseries for Local Elections, State Elections, National Elections, Elections on Legislature, and Special Elections. Special Elections refer to (but is not limited to) elections for Soil Conservation officers, elections on the change of municipal government, and bond issues.

Series VIII:

General Election Records consists of various records that did not fall into clearly into previously established series. This includes Special Election Records, Newspaper Articles, Electoral Board Correspondences.

Series IX

Series nine contains Voting Precinct Petitions (1915-1931). These petitions were brought by local individuals requesting the establishment of a new voting precinct or the revision of precinct boundary lines.