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The Strand Interview.m4a
A personal look into the day-to-day on goings at one of New York City's most historic bookstores through the eyes of a veteran employee.

Hist225 Interview.mp3
In this Interview Aj talks about his life growing up with books and visiting the bookstore. He grew up to work in the coffee shop in the book store and was always around them. AJ exclaims that he was influenced greatly by the people he met at the…

Oral interview.mp3
The interview had covered several topics. Ranging from her experience with customers at the bookstore. To things such as her roll while working at the bookstore.

oral history interview.mp3
Alicia talks about her experiences in used bookstores and Borders growing up as a child and how her love for reading began. She discusses her opinion of the growing technology generation and its affect on reading. She also shares her experiences at…

An Interview with Allison Wetzel
This interview covers one avid user of American indie-style book stores and her thoughts about these book stores in American society.

In this interview, Amy Rohrer shares her experiences as the manager of Booksavers of Virginia in Harrisonburg. Rohrer elaborates on the significant role that the bookstore plays in not only her life but in the lives of those in the Harrisonburg…

Oral History.mp3
In this interview, Dr. Witmer talks about his experience in Heartwood Books, a bookstore where he spent a lot of time in while his newborn, John, underwent heart surgery. This was a place for him to "let go" and find comfort through books.

Ann Bookstore Interview.mp3
In this interview, Ann talks about her love of books, especially picture books, and the importance of books for educational purposes. She also shares her thoughts on bookstores vs. libraries and physical books vs. online books. She brings up the role…

oral history interview.mp3
A short interview about the bookstore and reading experience.

Archie discusses his experience in a small town where there was no bookstore and he had to travel a great distance to get there. He also described how the computer has impacted and will eventually make the bookstore obsolete.

Austin's Interview.mp3
In this interview we learn about Austin Vassallo's love of bookstores and how this has shaped his life. He talks about how it has affected his family, academic and social life. Austin enjoys reading and likes the escape that bookstores can offer him.…

Barbara Reynolds Interview.mp3
Barbara Reynolds discussed her experiences of working at the Books A Million in Old Town. We talked about the positives and negatives of working there and what she thought the future of bookstores would be with the popularity of e-books.

Beth Ferry Interview 1.mp3
The interview of Beth Ferry gave us insight on her childhood memories of Bookmobile coming to her elementary school. She touches on how this bookstore has influenced her in becoming an author and the role bookstores have in society today.

Call 2015.11.09 12.05.33.mp3
Lieutenant Colonel Bill Ruhling shares stories of his youth as he worked at his local Bookstore in Independence Missouri

HIST 225.m4a
In this interview, Bob Barritt discusses brief history of his families book store, what he sees for it's future and how they are important to the community of Virginia Beach.

In this interview, Bob Schartz, manager and sole employee of Downtown Books in Harrisonburg, VA, discusses his life growing up, how he got started working in bookstores, how his bookstore differs from others, and some daily struggles he faces on the…

Oral History Interview-mp3.mp3
In this interview Bob Schurtz, owner of Downtown Books, tells about his experiences working in his store. He also explains the history behind the store, his thoughts about his job, and the role the store plays in the town.

Bookstore Interview.mp3
In this interview, Mr. Schurtz discussed a little about his background and how he came about working at Downtown Books. He explained how and where his store originated. He also talked about how his store has impacted this area.

Bob Shurtz - Medium.mp3
The interview covers Bob Shurtz's experience of owning a bookstore after he was offered to buy it off from two JMU students who had opened it for a class project. He talks about the types of books that are sold at the store, how downtown Harrisonburg…

History interview.mp3
In this interview Brianna discusses her experiences with the Clinton Book store in New Jersey. She talks about her experiences there as a child, and how they differ from her experiences when she volunteered there in high school

Buck Interview.mp3
Buck talked about the impact of his bookstore on his life starting with his early childhood until today. He focused on specific events at the bookstore that helped him shape who he is today. He talked about certain things such as books vs. movies…

This interview is an account from a 3rd grade teacher in the Shenandoah Valley who has enjoyed bookstores in the area her entire life.

Interview With Cassidy.mp3
In this interview, Cassidy explains how working at Books-A-Million impacted her. She discusses positive and negative attributes of the job and how she feels about commercial bookstores versus specialty ones. Cassidy also mentions she met her life…

cat humphries Bookshop.mp3
This interviews covers Cat Humphries experience in working in a small locally owned used bookshop in Reston Va. She recalls on her experience here working at this specific bookshop during the summer months spend in Northern Va, as well as her…

1446906002184-Final Christine Interview mp3.mp3
In this interview, I spoke with Christine, a current JMU transfer student who is originally from Guam. When she moved to America, she lived in Maryland for a few years. In MD, she would frequently visit Wonder Book Bookstore. The books she read at…

1446906002184-Final Christine Interview mp3.mp3
In this interview, I spoke with Christine, a current JMU transfer student who is originally from Guam. When she moved to America, she lived in Maryland for a few years, where she would frequently visit Wonder Book Bookstore. The books she read at…

History 225 Interview.mp3
In this interview, Mr. Cody Zedaker gave a brief summary of his own personal experiences with bookstores throughout his lifetime. Mr. Zedaker also talks, in this interview, about why the bookstore industry is slowly declining and what bookstores can…

bookstore mp3.mp3
In this interview I interviewed Corey about his experience at the Barnes and Nobles in Charolettsville, VA. He talked about coming from a historical area and how that shaped the books he read. He also talked about how electronic bookstores have…

interview FINAL - 10:24:15, 9.44 PM.mp3
A man's account of how a love of reading was instilled in him at a young age. More specifically, he describes how McKay Used Books was a part of his life at an important time, and is now a part of his children's lives. He compares used bookstores,…

History Interview.mp3
Mrs. Debbie gives us insight of what it is like owning a small bookstore and shares with us her journey over the years and how her store relates to her competition.
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