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Robert P. Palmer Interview (
A recollection of various bookstores in the places he lived. But more importantly a depiction of the Barnes & Noble at Tyson's Corner Mall.

An Interview with Allison Wetzel
This interview covers one avid user of American indie-style book stores and her thoughts about these book stores in American society.

cat humphries Bookshop.mp3
This interviews covers Cat Humphries experience in working in a small locally owned used bookshop in Reston Va. She recalls on her experience here working at this specific bookshop during the summer months spend in Northern Va, as well as her…

Mr Humphries Bookstore.mp3
This interview describes Peyton Humphries's experience with bookshops and how his fascination got started. He talks about his experiences in general while visiting and appreciating what bookstores have to offer. He also describes what it is like to…

Janice Lowden Recording.mp3
The interview of Janice Lowden gave us insight and stories about her reading experiences from the 1940's to today. She went into detail about how bookstores were more important in the earlier days than now because of all the new technology being…

Susan Gibson Recording.mp3
The interview of Susan Gibson contains information and her point of view on bookstores from the 1960's to today. She tells us stories about her children with books and how bookstores have impacted her life with joy.

The interview covers Robert's experiences in bookstores all throughout America during his travel in the Navy. He has visited about fifteen different bookstores in different states and explains differences and similarities between them, as well as…

Taylor Oversmith Interview.mp3
A social work major at James Madison University speaks about her relationships with bookstores over the course of her life and talks about her ideas of the future of them in society.

Archie discusses his experience in a small town where there was no bookstore and he had to travel a great distance to get there. He also described how the computer has impacted and will eventually make the bookstore obsolete.

He talks about the evolution of the bookstore in his small town in Ohio as well as internationally. Provides a unique perspective into how different countries use a bookstore compared to the United States. Also, discusses technological impacts on…

The interview covers Zachary Kane's reflections on his relationship with books and bookstores throughout his life, particularly during his college career as an English major at a large public university.

The interview covers Cynthia Davis's reflection on her experiences with bookstores throughout her life. She discusses the importance of books as a poor child and how technology has changed the bookstore culture.

Janet Smith interview.mp3
This interview covers Janet Smith's experience with the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and how she perceives the store. It also addresses some perceived differences between this bookstore and other bookstores that Janet has…

Katherine Warner Interivew by Josephine Smith.mp3
This interview features Katherine Warner's experience with the Woodbridge 2nd and Charles used book store, as well as her experience with other bookstores in comparison.

Interview with McKennah Blouin by Tanya Kumar.mp3
The interview talks about her experience in the bookshop in a building that is roughly about 100 years old that used to be an old men's clothing shop but she focuses on her experiences as a present day worker dealing with over 100,000 books

Prescott P. Palmer Interview (
A recollection of his experiences with bookstores traveling from port to port in the Navy. But more importantly his memory of the first big chain bookstore to come to his town in 1970. (Barnes & Noble)

Sam Rogers.mp3
The interview covers Sam Rodgers' take on the bookstores' survival in a society of e-books and e-commerce; a society in which the closing of big name bookstores has become more and more noticeable.

Oral History Caitlin Fell.mp3
This interview covers Caitlin Fell's experience working at a local bookstore in the city of Sparta, NJ. She speaks about the history of the bookstore before and after her family owned it, the store's involvement in the community, and then briefly…

The interview of Ms. Blowin was about her experience as a worker in a bookshop in Old Town Manassas and her encounters with the different varieties of people that come through to visit and read.

Interview 2.mp3
The interview was about Mrs. Groover and her experiences with different bookshops in India and here in the U.S after she moved about 15 years ago. She recalls memories including her first trip to a bookshop in India and how they helped her to get…

Bob Shurtz - Medium.mp3
The interview covers Bob Shurtz's experience of owning a bookstore after he was offered to buy it off from two JMU students who had opened it for a class project. He talks about the types of books that are sold at the store, how downtown Harrisonburg…

Oral history interview.mp3
The interview covers Stacey Hoobler's personal experiences with books and bookstores. She talks about how bookstores are more than just a place to visit every once in a while. They are an escape for her and they have always been a place where she can…

New Recording (1).m4a
Doug Whitman worked in a bookstore as a teenager. He described his memorable experiences of authors coming into the bookstore for children signings.

Bookstore Interview.mp3
In this interview, I am speaking with Donna McFadden an employee of Wellington Square Books, which is is located in Exton, Pennsylvania. We talked about the bookstore in general, the owner of the store, and Ms. McFadden's interest in books and…

Bookstore Interview - 10:25:15, 11.36 AM.mp3
In this interview George Schroeder talks about what it was like to work at a bookstore in an artsy town in Pennsylvania in the mid 1980s. He discusses how the bookshop was such an integral part to the community. He contrasts today's world with the…

Jane Kolb Interview 1.mp3
This interview covered the ways in which the bookstore helped the interviewee discover her love for reading. This bookstore helped her get involved with the community and gave her a place to entertain her children. She talks about how the means in…

Final Interview For History Project.m4a
In this interview Trevor Thomas talks about his recent experience of buying Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont, Pa. Also, he describes the different experiences customers go through depending if they shop at a privately owned bookstore, compared to…

Dr. Shah Hanifi interview MP3.mp3
Dr. Shah Hanifi recounts his experiences at two different bookstores. One in Ann Arbor Michigan and one in New Delhi India. He describes to me, how he felt when he was in these two bookstores, the differences between the two considering one is in…

This interview gives a brief summary of Dr. Brian Flota's experiences with bookstores and how he views the state of the industry today. Dr. Flota is an English Librarian at James Madison University, and he has been to many unique bookstores…

In this interview Professor Shick discussed how
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