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  • Collection: Celebrating Simms Collection: The Story of the Lucy F. Simms School

A photograph of a young woman in a white gown and jewelry. She is standing by a vase of flowers, in front of what appears to be a stage. She is identified as either Betty Mae or Livinia Yokely.


A photo of two young women, pictured from the waist up, leaning against a car.

A photo of two young women in skirts holding books and posing in front of a brick building.

A photo of two young women posing in patterned skirts.

A photo of a young woman leaning on a desk.

A photo of a young woman in a gown and gloves walking toward the camera down a sidewalk at the May Day celebration. A group of well-dressed young adults stands in the far background, and a group of children stand closer to the camera off to the side.

A photo of a woman in a sweater and skirt sitting on the steps on the porch of house 160. She is smiling and appears to be holding a book.

A photo of a young woman sitting on a motorcycle, twisting to look back at the camera.

A photo of a young woman leaning against a porch column. She is looking towards the ground in front of her.

A photo of a young woman, dressed in a striped shirt, pants, and headcovering, poses on a field in front of a small lake.
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