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  • Collection: The Mary Awkard Fairfax Collection

Image of the title of the publication "Dialogue: A publication for employees of Dairymen, Inc" referencing the images found on the same page (MAF0027 and MAF0028) from page eleven of the red family photo album

Antique photograph of Joseph C. Awkard Jr., son of Joseph C. Awkard Sr. and brother of Mary Awkard Fairfax; Leona Awkard, sister of Mary Awkard Fairfax and mother of Mary Ann Smith-Tucker; Edna Tate; and an unidentified woman from page forty of theā€¦

Antique photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax's father, Joseph C. Awkard Sr., a carpenter partially responsible for the building of the homes on Mason St in Harrisonburg, Va from page fifteen of the red family photo album

An article in Dairymen, Inc News, Volume XI Number 6 from April 1978, on James Fairfax for logging "2.5 million accident-free miles" and becoming Virginia Driver of the Year from page nine of the red family photo album

Article on Professor Harris with pink sticky note label over the top of it: "Professor Harris (article) Teachers

Close up black and white photograph of Elaine R. in graduation cap and gown


Black-and-White photo of Leona Smith, her husband Kenneth, and Mary Ann Smith standing in front of a window in a home from page one of the brown family photo album

Black-and-white photograph of a woman standing beside a floral-printed chair in front of a door with blinds in a polka-dot dress from page two of the brown family photo album

Black-and-white photo of Leona Smith and daughter, Mary Ann Smith standing on a bridge from November 1957 from page one of the brown family photo album

Black-and-white photo of Mary Awkard Fairfax in front of a house from July of 1963 from page two of the loose scrapbook pages in the white folder
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