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Image of the title of the publication "Dialogue: A publication for employees of Dairymen, Inc" referencing the images found on the same page (MAF0027 and MAF0028) from page eleven of the red family photo album

A photo of the Lucy F. Simms girls' basketball team in the 1950s. Labels identify the girls as Delores C. Jones, Sarah Blakey, Evelyn Jones, Margaret Buck, Hattie Mitchell, Doris Washington, Sally Frye, and Rosa Brown.

A photograph of a group of adults sitting around a table at the first reunion of the Lucy F. Simms School.

A short biography of W.N.P. Harris, a teacher and principal of the Effinger Street School. It details his education and career, stating that the Effinger Street/Lucy F. Simms Reunion Committee dedicated the 1991 Souvenir Journal in memory of him.

A photo of the Rockingham County teachers of the year are recognized during the 2015 Lucy Simms Educator of the Year award ceremony at Bridgewater College.

A photo of Miss Lucy F. Simms' house at 231 Johnson Street.

A photo of a young couple posing in front of an automobile. The woman leans back into the man, and his arm is wrapped around her shoulders.

A photo of a woman in a white dress and veil walking down a sidewalk after two young girls in dresses and bows. Other people are scattered about, walking or talking near the building behind her.

A photo of a group of well-dressed young men and women smiling and wearing party hats.

A photo of a well-dressed young couple kissing in a hallway at the Lucy F. Simms School prom.
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