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Photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax (sitting down), Patricia Blakey, Wilamina Johnson, Kathryn Dunn, Edith Nickens, Doris Washington, and others in Harrisonburg First Baptist Church from page thirty-nine of the red family photo album

Photograph of Travis Tucker, son of Mary Ann Smith-Tucker and great nephew of Mary Awkard Fairfax, and Gerald Blakey, son of Barbara Blakey sitting in the grass side-by-side, playing from page twenty-eight of the red family photo album

Senior Studio Portrait of George Blakey III, son of Patricia Blakey from page thirty-one of the red family photo album

A short biography of W.N.P. Harris, a teacher and principal of the Effinger Street School. It details his education and career, stating that the Effinger Street/Lucy F. Simms Reunion Committee dedicated the 1991 Souvenir Journal in memory of him.
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