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Mary Ann Smith's 1959-60 report card from the Lucy F. Simms School

Mary Ann Smith's 1961-62 report card from the Lucy F. Simms School

Blue photo album given to Mary Awkard Fairfax and James Fairfax on their 24th Wedding Anniversary by Joanne Gabbin

The First Baptist Church honors booklet for James Fairfax and Mary Awkard Fairfax with biographies corresponding to their time in the church

Color photograph of Paris, Mary Ann Smith-Tucker, and Mary Awkard Fairfax sitting down for dinner at Mary Ann Smith-Tucker's home found on page sixty-three of the Brown Family Photo Album

Candid photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax sitting at a table to the left of baby Heather Ann and mother Lori with a handwritten note found on page sixty-six of the Brown Family Photo Album

Color photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax sitting in a chair in a blue dress with Joe Awkard standing next to her from loose photo album pages page eight back bottom found in brown bag from Mary Ann Smith-Tucker

Newspaper article about the marriage of Mary Awkard and Arthur Fairfax in 1966 with a black and white photograph found in an unmarked baggie

Color photograph of a man in a dark suit and light blue vest and tie and a bride in a white dress with flowers at a wedding fifty-six of the Brown Family Photo Album

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