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Photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax (sitting down), Patricia Blakey, Wilamina Johnson, Kathryn Dunn, Edith Nickens, Doris Washington, and others in Harrisonburg First Baptist Church from page thirty-nine of the red family photo album

Color photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax sitting in front of a piano with glasses on with the First Baptist Choir sitting behind from loose photo album page one front top right found in brown bag from Mary Ann Smith-Tucker

Photograph of Teresa Washington and her husband at their wedding at First Baptist Church in Harrisonburg, Mary Fairfax played organ at the wedding from page from page twenty-seven of the red family photo album

Color photograph of the altar at the First Baptist Church with a man in a gray suit with a blue tie and glasses to the left, a man with a black tie, a white shirt, a black and white tie, and glasses to the right, and a man sitting behind a banner at…

Color photograph of the inside of the First Baptist Church, facing the altar, with a white cutout of a school bus and Children behind it found on page sixty-one of the Brown Family Photo Album

Black and white photograph of the old First Baptist Church, taken from across the street with power lines criss crossing in front from envelope marked First Baptist Church found in unmarked baggie

Senior Studio Portrait of Cathy Washington, whom Mary Awkard Fairfax taught to play the organ at First Baptist Church in Harrisonburg, Va from page thirty-one of the red family photo album
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