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An article discussing the history of the Lucy F. Simms School and the Celebrating Simms project and exhibit.

A photo of the Lucy F. Simms School women's basketball team posing together as 1952 Champions, along with a newspaper clipping of a story about Lucy F. Simms being honored by the Library of Virginia.

A newspaper article talking about Lucy F. Simms and the education of Black people in the wake and midst of historical oppression.

An article remembering Lucy F. Simms and her legacy, and promoting the upcoming exhibit bearing her name.

An informative piece of writing about Lucy F. Simms and her teaching career and legacy.

A poster announcing the presentation of the Celebrating Simms project at the Lucy F. Simms School.

A photo of Lucy F. Simms posing with three generations of her students.

A photo of Miss Lucy F. Simms' class of 1928. Pictured front row, 4th from left: Elon Rhodes. Second row, 3rd from right: Wilmer Byrd. Back row, 4th from left: Louise Winston.

A photo of Miss Lucy F. Simms' class of 1905.

A photo of a group of children posing in front of a building with their teacher, Lucy F. Simms.
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