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Black and white photograph of a class of students kneeling and standing in formalwear outside with Mary Awkard Fairfax standing in the back found on page fifty-eight of the Brown Family Photo Album

Black and white photograph of nine students in a first grade class from the Lucy F. Simms School kneeling in the Grass and eight students standing behind outside

A newspaper article talking about Lucy F. Simms and the education of Black people in the wake and midst of historical oppression.

A portrait photo of Lucy F. Simms.

A photo of a group of chilren standing with their teacher, Lucy F. Simms, in front of a building.

A photo of a group of children posing in front of a building with their teacher, Lucy F. Simms.

A photo of Miss Lucy F. Simms' class of 1905.

A photo of Miss Lucy F. Simms' class of 1928. Pictured front row, 4th from left: Elon Rhodes. Second row, 3rd from right: Wilmer Byrd. Back row, 4th from left: Louise Winston.

A photo of the Lucy F. Simms School women's basketball team posing together as 1952 Champions, along with a newspaper clipping of a story about Lucy F. Simms being honored by the Library of Virginia.

A photo of Lucy F. Simms posing with three generations of her students.
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