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Black and white photograph of Lucy F. Simms standing to the left of a class of students kneeling and standing in formalwear outside with Mary Awkard Fairfax (possibly student teaching) standing in the back found on page fifty-eight of the Brown…

Color photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax sitting in a blue dress at a set table at Lucy F. Simms and Effinger Street School Reunion with fellow teacher Barbara Blakey standing behind in a white suit jacket and skirt

Color photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax standing in a group of other teachers and some students in the Grass outside Waterman Elementary School

Black and white photograph of Miss Frances Bates standing to the right of a young class of students in formal wear on the steps of the Lucy F. Simms School including Steven Thomas (Mary Ann Smith-Tucker's cousin) in the front row on the left, his…
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