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A photo of three older adults, including Mary Awkard Fairfax, posing with a framed photo of Lucy F. Simms in a living room.

A studio photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax and James Fairfax posing side-by-side from page one of the red family photo album.

Postcard from Mary Awkard Fairfax's cousins Janet and Lisa Thomas with a color photograph of them found on page sixty-one of the Brown Family Photo Album

Black and white portrait of Mary Awkard looking off to the side at age twenty-seven

Polaroid of James Fairfax sitting down, Mary Awkard Fairfax on his right, and Fred Monroe Awkard, Mary's youngest brother, to her right from page twelve of the red family photo album.

Black and white photograph of younger students in costumes including princess-style dresses, cowboy-style suits, and chefs, on stage at the Lucy F. Simms School from Simms Students Album Prints page one found in brown bag from Mary Ann Smith-Tucker

Black and white photograph of young students at the Lucy F. Simms School in various costumes including dresses, police uniforms, and chefs uniforms, performing on stage from Simms information baggie

Black and white photograph of young Mary Awkard standing with a flower-patterned purse in her hand in front of Byrd Hall at Virginia State College in Petersburg, Virginia from envelope marked First Baptist Church found in unmarked baggie

Color photograph of a young male student in a white dress shirt with a black bowtie standing on stage at the Lucy F. Simms School with another student in dress clothes standing behind
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