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A short biography of W.N.P. Harris, a teacher and principal of the Effinger Street School. It details his education and career, stating that the Effinger Street/Lucy F. Simms Reunion Committee dedicated the 1991 Souvenir Journal in memory of him.

Senior Studio Portrait of George Blakey III, son of Patricia Blakey from page thirty-one of the red family photo album

Photograph of Travis Tucker, son of Mary Ann Smith-Tucker and great nephew of Mary Awkard Fairfax, and Gerald Blakey, son of Barbara Blakey sitting in the grass side-by-side, playing from page twenty-eight of the red family photo album

Photograph of Mary Awkard Fairfax (sitting down), Patricia Blakey, Wilamina Johnson, Kathryn Dunn, Edith Nickens, Doris Washington, and others in Harrisonburg First Baptist Church from page thirty-nine of the red family photo album
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